3 Things to Remember About Screw Conveyors

“Speed kills, abrasion kills and shaft seals are almost useless”

These 3 things to remember when designing a screw conveyor or screw feeder. If you want a screw conveyor that will last forever keep these words in mind.

#1 – Slow the conveyor down.  Standard published speeds are way too fast for any application outside of a feed mill. Grain is a the most idealistic example of a free-flowing powder bulk material. For all chemicals, most plastics, sand and almost all other industrial products run the screw conveyor at 30 – 60 rpm and 20-40 rpm for a screw feeder.

#2 – Abrasion kills. – Slowing down the screw conveyor is a good start to fight abrasion.  The second is to use a thicker flighting and/or abrasion resistant material.  Click HERE to learn more about fighting abrasion.

#3 – Shaft seals are almost useless…….in most incline, feeder and abrasive applications. The standard low-cost shaft seal such as a waste pack seal works well if the conveyor is horizontal or the product being conveyed is granular and non-abrasive.  Better seal alternative are seals that utilize a pillowblock bearing like a split gland and packing gland or a mechanical seal such as an Inpro, Meco or Cinch seal.  Click HERE to learn more about shaft seals.


The picture below has ceramic tile and is an extreme example of fighting abrasion.