Our Story

With the main office right in the heart of screw conveyor country, Screw Conveyor Parts.NET has a host of suppliers to choose from.  Working with these suppliers, SCP is able to offer a wide variety of screw conveyor knowledge, parts and accessories. The business was started small to keep overhead down and prices to our customers low.  We offer a variety of resources on screw conveyor design and selection. The ultimate goal is to be the go-to location on the web for everything screw conveyor related.

Our Approach

Screw Conveyor Parts.NET (SCP) is a business built to serve the powder bulk material handling industry by making the screw conveyor parts buying experience easy.  SCP offers design information, selection tools, dimensional information and screw conveyor parts through an eCommerce site built for ease of use, security and efficiency. Business to Business (B2B) customers will finally have a quick and convenient way to select and purchase their screw conveyor parts.

Screw Conveyor Parts.NET is built for ease of use for not only their customers but for the business, as well.  The eCommerce site is linked directly with the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to streamline the link between customer orders, quoting, purchasing and shipping.  The inspiration being businesses like Amazon, Priceline and Walmart.com who seamlessly link the total distribution chain into one, easy to use customer portal.  The efficiency of the buying process will allow SCP to offer the lowest prices on screw conveyor parts.

Our Strategy

The strategy for Screw Conveyor Parts.NET will be to offer the ultimate educational and buying experience to the powder bulk material handling market. This kind of strategy can only be made possible by efficiency, market knowledge and leveraged buying power. The goal of SCP will be to offer the lowest prices on screw conveyor parts to for each market segment is serves. This will be done by strategic customer multipliers and an in depth knowledge of customer demands.