SCP Solution – Water Screw


Silver Dollar City (Branson, MO)


Water screw (Archimedes’ Screw)


12in dia x 12ft-0in Long Triple Flight Screw

Customer Challenge:

Silver Dollar City initially contacted Screw Conveyor Parts.NET to supply a single flight screw and trough.  After discussing the application for the screw, Silver Dollar City revealed the screw was intended to convey water up an incline as part of a recirculation line on one of their popular attractions. In addition, Silver Dollar City needed the screw immediately to satisfy the park schedule.

SCP Solution:

The Screw Conveyor Parts.NET sales engineers  designed a screw to convey water and work with key suppliers to ship the custom built screw and housing in 5 days. Using a triple set of flights, the screw efficiently conveys water through the housing.  Since water flows so freely, the triple flight is needed to encourage the water up the incline.  In addition, the speed must be run at over 150 rpm to maintain the required flow rate.  To accommodate the heavier flighting, oversized pipe was utilized to minimize deflection and increase long-term reliability.  These design features, along with the help of the SCP suppliers, allowed this custom screw to be engineered and built in record time.

Special Features:

  • Triple flight screw
  • Sectional flighting
  • Archimedes’ pump screw
  • Oversized pipe
  • Screw housing
  • Expedited delivery