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Screw Conveyor Parts.NET has a wide range of design articles to help educate and inform.  Articles range from component specific like screws and troughs to application specific like dust collector screw conveyors and even include easy cross reference guide to interchange OEM part numbers.  The content of these screw conveyor design articles is taken from industry standards and years of real life application knowledge.  If you dont see what you are looking for send us an email at  Take a look around and be sure to visit our store for all your replacement screw conveyor parts and component needs.

Who or What is CEMA?

CEMA stands for the Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA).  Their web address is  CEMA is a privately held trade […]

What to Know about a Hard Iron Hanger Bearing

A hard iron hanger bearing is used to support a long screw.  A screw conveyor is a versatile conveyor with […]

What is a Screw Conveyor Trough End

The trough end on a screw conveyor is the end plate that supports the screw, bearing and shaft seal.  Like […]

Dust Collector Screw Conveyor Design

There was a time, many years ago, that the presence of nescience dust in the air was considered a normal […]

The Good, Better and Best of Screw Conveyor Shaft Seals

There are a lot of options for screw conveyor shaft seals and choosing the right one for your application can […]

What is a Screw Conveyor Screw?

  A screw, or sometimes called an auger is the heart of the screw conveyor. The screw is rotated by […]

Screw Conveyor Parts.NET adds Stainless Steel Parts

Screw Conveyor Parts.NET continues to work hard to provide the products our customer need to keep their screw conveyors running […]

Trough and Trough End Part Number Cross Reference

(Use Ctrl F to search for a part number) Screw conveyor parts and screw conveyor components are dimensionally standardized trough […]

Selecting a Screw Conveyor Hanger Bearing

A screw conveyor hanger bearing is commonly used in screw conveyors over about 12-14 feet.  It is a friction, also […]

Screw Conveyor Parts.NET joins CEMA

CEMA is proud to Announce effective December 11, 2019,  its newest Technical Member of CEMA! SCREW CONVEYOR PARTS, LLC CEMA […]

Selecting a Screw Conveyor Cover

The screw conveyor cover is used to enclose a u-trough, flared or rectangular trough screw conveyor.  The cover serves as […]

Trough End Bearing Bolting Pattern

The trough ends are  located at the ends of the screw conveyor and used to enclose the trough, or housing.  […]

What is a Screw Conveyor?

A screw conveyor, also called an auger is a mechanical conveying device for powder bulk solids.  At the heart of […]

Selecting the Correct Pipe for Your Screw

Selecting a screw conveyor screw involves selecting a lot of components and making sure they work well together. The screw […]

Conveying Abrasive Materials: The Good, Better and Best

Conveying Abrasive Materials Screw conveyors and feeders are great choices for conveying and feeding a wide variety of powder bulk […]

The good, better and best of screw conveyors for feed and grain

Feed and Grain is one of the oldest, and most well documented applications for screw conveyors. It is estimated that […]

Screw Conveyor Components

Screw conveyors are one of the most popular forms of transporting, feeding and even processing powder bulk solids due to […]

Screw Conveyor Kits

Screw Conveyor Parts.NET, the leading internet supplier of screw conveyor parts is pleased to announce the addition of screw conveyor […]

Why Buy Screw Conveyor Parts Online?

  With all the options available to buy screw conveyor parts why choose an online store?  This is a great […]

3 Things to Remember About Screw Conveyors

“Speed kills, abrasion kills and shaft seals are almost useless” These 3 things to remember when designing a screw conveyor […]

SCP Solution – Water Screw

Customer: Silver Dollar City (Branson, MO) Application: Water screw (Archimedes’ Screw) Equipment: 12in dia x 12ft-0in Long Triple Flight Screw […]

Frac Sand Blender Screws

The frac sand blender on the drill site of a modern oil and gas fracking operation is used to blend […]

What is a Screw Conveyor Trough?

The screw conveyor trough on a screw conveyor is the housing that contains the screw and that the powder bulk […]

Sizing a Screw Conveyor

Sizing a screw conveyor can be very easy, when you know a few of the basics.  Of course, there are […]

Screw Conveyors for Salt

Conveying salt in a screw conveyor is a very common application.  Screw conveyors are well suited for the salt industry […]

Screw Conveyor Parts Diagram


SCP Solution – Dust Collection Screw Conveyor

Customer: Klausner Lumber – Live Oak, FL Application: Dust collector screw conveyor for saw dust Equipment: 12in dia x 20ft […]

Screw and Trough Clearances

One question we are asked a lot is why is there so much clearance (0.5in) between the screw and the […]

Who is the Top Screw Conveyor Manufacturer?

This is a loaded question because there is not one standout screw conveyor manufacturers, there are several major players, several […]

If I buy parts from one manufacturer will they fit in my screw conveyor?

The simple answer is yes, in most cases screw conveyor parts from any manufacturer will fit in your screw conveyor. […]