Screw Conveyor Components

Screw conveyors are one of the most popular forms of transporting, feeding and even processing powder bulk solids due to their availability, low cost and versatility. Thanks to the hard work by the Conveyors Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (CEMA), screw conveyors components are dimensionally standardized and interchangeable among manufacturers. This standardization is a huge benefit to the consumer by lowering upfront costs and allowing for sourcing of replacement components from a wide verity of sources, including ScrewConveyorParts.NET (Click HERE to shop screw conveyor components)

A screw conveyor or screw feeder consists of a number of individual components properly selected (by a ScrewConveyorParts.NET engineer) for the specific application and rate at which the screw conveyor is being designed.  All of the standard screw conveyor components are stocked by a wide variety of screw conveyor manufacturers.  Each individual screw conveyor component can be customized in thickness and material of construction, with even the basic design being improved to provide additional customization. This versatility makes the screw conveyor or screw feeder ideal for any powder bulk material handling including feed and grain, pet food, salt, sugar, flour, sand, cement, metal chips, ash, fish meal, peanuts, paper pulp and even meat!

Selecting the right screw conveyor components for your screw conveyor or screw feeder starts with knowing all the components in a screw conveyor.  The list below links to specific articles on each component.  The exploded view below is helpful in visualizing each component and where it is placed on the screw conveyor or screw feeder.

Exploded Screw Conveyor View with Labels

Trough end
Shaft Seal
Shaft Bearing
Hanger Bearing
Coupling Shaft
End Shaft
Screw Conveyor Drive

Is there a difference between a screw conveyor component and screw conveyor part?  A: No, they are the same, just depends on what you type into the google search.