Screw Conveyor Kits

Screw Conveyor Parts.NET, the leading internet supplier of screw conveyor parts is pleased to announce the addition of screw conveyor kits to their extensive CEMA parts and components website. A first of its kind, these screw conveyor kits are available for immediate purchase and shipment directly from the Shop section of the Screw Conveyor Parts.NET website.  These kits are pre-selected with stock CEMA parts so your new screw conveyor will ship in days, instead of weeks or months. These screw conveyor kits are all made in the U.S.A. to CEMA standards so you know the quality and reliability will be there when you need it.

Each kit includes all the parts needed to build and install a complete screw conveyor and are pre-designed in standard CEMA sizes and lengths.  With the addition of pre-selected drives, the screw conveyor kit is an ideal solution for your bulk material handling needs. Each kit includes the screws, troughs, trough ends, hangers, hanger bearings, covers, inlet, discharge, shafts, end bearing, end shaft seal, coupling bolts, assembly hardware and gasketing to complete the kit.  Each kit is designed to accept a standard screw conveyor drive with driveshaft.  Screw Conveyor Parts.NET has pre-selected Nord screw conveyor drives for each size conveyor.

If you are still not completely comfortable selecting the right screw conveyor for your application, contact us and we will ensure you get the best solution for your bulk material handling needs.

Need your screw conveyor assembled and tested, let us know and we can do that too.