Why Buy Screw Conveyor Parts Online?


With all the options available to buy screw conveyor parts why choose an online store?  This is a great question.  With so many options to buy from, including screw conveyor parts manufacturers like Conveyors Inc., WAM, Martin and KWS, buying from an online store doesn’t seem to make sense. Well, Amazon did not make sense 20 years ago, but now is one of the world’s largest retailer. With the convenience, automation and low prices Amazon has brought to the market place, who needs to go to the store? ScrewCovneyorParts.net works in a similar way and thanks to the power of standardization, screw conveyor parts are interchangeable manufacturer to manufacturer.  This means screw conveyor parts are almost like commodities and that there is little value added by the manufacturer. In addition, most screw conveyor manufacturers are hesitant to sell directly to end users and prefer selling through resellers like ScrewConveyorParts.net. Expanding on this. SCP has worked to make the buying process easy and quick, so you can spend time on what matters instead of trying find your screw conveyor parts.

Screw Conveyor Parts Standardization

The Conveyors Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (CEMA) was founded in 1933 and soon thereafter (several years later) standardized and published screw conveyor dimensional standards.  Drawing on the dimensional standards first established by Link-Belt, the CEMA 300 book includes dimensional standards for almost every screw conveyor component from 6” through 24” diameter and recently work has been done to expand this to 30” and 36” diameter. It should be noted the “diameter” or size of a screw conveyor is the nominal diameter of the screw inside the housing, or trough.  The nominal inside dimension of the trough is 1” larger than the screw. CEMA also has a standard (CEMA 350) for the design of screw conveyors, including sizing, speed and power calculations.

Buying Online

Buying screw conveyor parts online at ScrewCovneyorParts.net is convenient, safe and your most affordable option. Check out is easy and registration does not require a lengthy validation process like other online resellers. Our many online resources make it easy to identify your part, verify dimensions and order your replacements. With SCP’s standard quick shipments and available expedited deliveries, you will be sure to have your part lickity split!

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